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Men's Boxers

Feel confident and sexy with Calvin Klein's iconic boxers for men. Quality fabrics. Ultimate comfort. Contemporary designs. Our men’s boxer shorts and boxer briefs never go out of style. Wear them underneath a pair of CK jeans for work. Or pair them with relaxed pyjama bottoms on the weekend. Want more? Try our men's boxers multipacks. Want variation? Add some men's briefs to your shopping cart as well. Undress with confidence and move without friction. Calvin Klein men's boxer shorts. Underwear essentials for life.

How do you fold men's boxers?

To store your boxers neatly, fold the left side of your boxers to the right side of the crotch. Then, fold the right side of your boxers over to the left side. Now, fold your boxers in 3 parts again from the bottom up.

What are the best men's boxers?

Calvin Klein boxers have been the most iconic boxers on the market since 1968. Their soft, breathable materials and body-hugging designs are celebrated by men all over the world.